How to Optimize websites

Getting your website optimized so that will b e easy for the user to navigate is getting easier and easier with the point and play website builders. No longer do you need to know how to write code to add in a search bar, or more importantly a referral form. Now days you can just choose what you want to add and click and drag it into the space you want it and viola! You have exactly what you need and where you need it. The building platform is not longer segregated into sections that you need to adhere to, it’s like painting on a blank canvas.

With that said there is still some areas that you should make sure you spend some time working on to ensure that your site is optmized for search engine crawls. I have found a couple key area’s that I see some expierienced web builders not do, whether it be they just do not know how, or there lazy. Sometime I think it’s the latter.

  1. Content- write your own content. Do not cut and paste content from anywhere else on the web. Search engines like google see this as a bad move and will not allow your site to advance up the ladder.
  2. Mobile/Tablet friendly- If your site is not easily usable on a mobile device, your not going to see the traffic you desire. Two reasons, one is that people will get annoyed trying to navigate it on there phone and move on. Second is that google wants it vewable on mobile and will again stop you from advancing.
  3. Call to action- Have a call to action in every place possible.
  4. Links- Interlinking, and anchor texting. This is the easiest thing to do. You want your website to be user friendly, so anytime you put your phone number or address on your site, make it a link. For instance, when they click on your number from a mobile phone it should automatically que them up to call. I see this more often than not and it’s frustrating as hell!!! I dont want to have to remember your phone number going 70 down the highway and then manually type it in…. Just kidding, I dont use my phone while driving. Give users the ability to get in touch with you as much as possible, like for instance this cleaning site. There is ample opportunity for a customer to get in touch with them whether they are on a desktop or mobile device. There is ample interlinking to direct people to the contact page. It just makes sense to make the expierience as user friendly as possible. Not to mention that is what google wants as well.

Do yourself a favor and ensure that your website has these capabilities at minimum, you will be doing your company and cutomers a solid.


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