Websites continued

I got to thinking about builing websites and thought I would offer a little more direction in this arena. I think you can really waste a lot of time trying to figure out how to build a website. Don’t be scared to just throw one out there and then update it as you see fit. Too many people build the site out and then leave it idle forever. Your site should always be a work in progress, especially if its a business website. It should always be growing, alway’s have more content. If you think of something that would be perfect for your website, put it on there. Most people do not sit down and read content, they skim the important details, and then decide in a split second if they should go further and contact you. They may look at some pictures, or check out your Facebook page and read some reviews and call it good. So unless your a large corporation who expects to get millions of visitors a year, you really shouldnt worry to much about the little details on the front end, just get the site up and running and make adjustments as necessary. In the meantime below a quick turorial on building websites in Weebly.


Please reference our earlier post on websites to help answer any other questions.

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