You can spend thousands upon thousands of dollars to have your website built. For some companies that is a necessity that has to happen, however that should not be the case for most small businesses. Luckily there is some really nice website builders that allow the lamen user to create there own website,  and with a little bit of creativity it will look very nice and be functional. I have found that wix/weebly/squarespace are some really good platforms for building out some quality websites. Weebly is probably the easiest, then wix, last would be squarespace. It took me a little while to really figure out the functionality on that one as it was not as intuitive as the others.

Next you will want to get a logo, again there are some really good resources online. Or you can hire your graphic design friend and trade some beers for a simple logo (thats what I did), if you choose the first than just google it and your set.

The next thing to start on early is your flow, what pages are you wanting? About us, contact us, services, products? Figure this out ahead of time and start planning your content, and when I say plan your content, plan for a lot of it. You see you want to have a lot of words for google to crawl, the more the better. Next you want to have a list of keywords that will align with your business. So if you were to search for this business, what would you plug into the search bar. Write them all down and include into your content. Also it is worth mentioning, DO NOT PLAGIARIZE! The content needs to be authentic and not copied from anywhere else on the web. I would’nt even copy a book, ¬†because you never know if its posted online somewhere. If your struggling to come up with good content there are plenty of places to look. Go to craiglsist and search for content writers, there are a ton of them out there.

So once all this is done it’s time to start your website. Take your time, make sure it looks good. I will stop here as I know this will take sometime for most of you. I will post some more tips in some later posts.


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