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Hello! My name is Chris and I started this blog to share the things that I have learned in throughout the years running my own small business. Running your own business takes a lot of patience, and then some aggrevation sprinked on top of it, with a dash of some small wins. However, what I have found as the key ingredient is persistance, this is what sets the winners from the losers. If you believe in your product or service and are adiment that it will provide the living your striving for, than it’s worth the stretch to keep it alive. Your going to make some mistakes, your going to work some long hours, but if you stay the course than your destined to win. A while back i posted these six items on my wall within eye shot of my computer screen, I also took a picture of it so I can reference it on my phone.

  1. Be good dad!!
  2. Be a good husband
  3. Balance the line, do not get angry, but always keep your guard up cause you may need it someday. Stay Balanced.
  4. If it scares me, confront it. Remember that pit in your stomach is there for a reason.
  5. Wake up every morning with a few key tasks to complete, leave the rest as a blank slate to mold it ot success.
  6. Be healthy. excercise and eat well.

These are the tenents that I try to live by each and everyday, do I fullfill these every single day of my life? Hell no!! I get pissed sometimes and let my anger get the best of me. I forget to redirect my son, instead telling him no he did something wrong. The point I am trying to make is that as long as you have a game plan and you focus your energy on improving yourself than you will always win. Take sometime for self reflection and make a list yourself. What are your weakenesses that you want to fix? Make a list, post it all over the house, car, office,and phone and remind yourself all the time what the goal is.

Reading has always been something I love, my routine is one “fun” book. (Love sci-fi) and one motivation, business, or self advancement book. Right now I am almost done with my fun book and I will be moving on to a book that will teach me about facebook advertising. I’ll let you know how it goes.

So I think that will be all for today, please check back in later for some more updates. In the meantime check out this video I like to reference every so often from one of the granf daddy’s of sales.

If you want to learn more about me, visit the about us page for more information.



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