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“We” as in my family and myself are all in this together. I have to spend a majority of my life working, like most of us do, so I try to bring them into it as much as possible. We have owned a small online printing business for some time now and have seen some good success with it, my goal is to eventually sell off the business and start another adventure. I have been dabbling in website design as I had to learn to build mine out from scratch (I was broke when I started this), and up until the last couple years I had a full time job. It has been given me some great pleasure to be able to strike out on my own and not have to report to a boss. I have been able to attend a majority of my kids extra curricular activities which is not what I would have been able to do had I not taken on the task of starting my own business.

My wife still works, but she is in healthcare and loves her job. We have been fortunate to be able to never have to use day care as our kids were always home. And Im not some pretentous ass who thinks kids in daycare are worse off than those who aren’t. My goal for this blog is to share the things that I learned over the last 6 years building a small business, with an underlying theme in how to get you business through advertising online. You can spend thousands of dollars on it and not get one customer to write you a check. So hopefully someone will read this and take away a usful tidbit on what I learned.


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